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The INOXGFL Group proudly stands as one of India’s most esteemed business conglomerates, with a rich history spanning more than a century. Throughout its journey, the Group has exemplified remarkable resilience, transforming into a multibillion-dollar enterprise with a diverse and wide-ranging portfolio comprising Refrigerants, Fluoropolymers, Speciality Chemicals, Wind Energy and Renewables. The Group’s success and achievements are highlighted by its four listed entities, collectively commanding a market capitalisation of around USD 8 Billion.

Commencing our journey in 1920 as a paper and newsprint trading business, we have, over the decades, transformed into a multi-billion dollar Group with diversified businesses.

Powered by a rich legacy of over nine decades, the Group is primarily focused on two business verticals - chemicals and renewable energy. It operates in these segments primarily through six companies — Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL); GFCL EV Products Limited; GFCL Solar & Green Hydrogen Products Limited; Inox Wind Limited; Inox Green Energy Services Limited; and Inox Wind Energy Limited.

A well-trained workforce and a strong distribution network empower and enable us to meet the changing needs of customers.

4 Companies

listed on Stock Exchanges in India



₹6,612 Cr

Group revenue

$8 Billion

Market capitalisation (for listed companies)

Our Values

Our values are our guiding light towards sustainable development by way of environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic progress.


Leadership Team

Information and profiles of the Board of Directors, Senior Leadership, and Committee Members at INOXGFL Group Companies.


Mr. Vivek Jain

Chairman, INOXGFL Group

Mr. Vivek Jain, as the Chairman of INOXGFL Group, aligns and evolves the strategic approaches for the Group and its portfolio of offerings while building a strong leadership team to drive its execution.

A firm believer in change management, Mr. Jain has steered INOXGFL to emerge as one of the global leaders in Fluoropolymers. His visionary and astute leadership resulted in INOXGFL venturing into different verticals making the group one of the most sought-after companies in the country.


Mr. Devansh Jain

Executive Director, INOXGFL Group

Devansh Jain is the Executive Director of the $6 billion Inox GFL Group, an Indian conglomerate with a legacy of more than 90 years. As a leader in diversified business segments, the group specializes in Specialty Chemicals, Fluoropolymers, Refrigerant Gases, and Renewable Energy.

Devansh belongs to a prestigious Indian entrepreneurial family that repeatedly appears in the Forbes list of the 100 most successful Indian families. Devansh holds a double major degree in economics and business administration from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA.


Group Companies

INOXGFL Group is an Indian Conglomerate with a legacy of more than 90 years.


Leading chemical company with over 30 years of experience in fluorine chemistry.


GFCLEV is a 100% subsidiary of GFL, manufacturing intermediate materials for Lithium-ion Battery.


IGESL is India's leading wind O&M services player with more than 8 years of operating history.


Inox Wind Ltd is a fully integrated player in the wind energy market and provides end-to-end turnkey solutions

Inox Wind Energy Limited

Inox Wind Energy Ltd is the holding company of Inox Wind & demerged from GFL Ltd in FY 21