Sustainability For INOXGFL goes much beyond Economic, Legal, or Regulatory purposes. It is a way through which we create enduring value for our customers, stakeholders, and society at large, and become part of resolving the most unyielding causes through awareness & engagement programs. We are committed to mitigating the social and ecological impact of our businesses and aim to follow and promote sustainable business practices and co-create sustainable business value for our stakeholders.

Underpinned by our purpose and the Prime Minister of India’s commitment to cut the emissions to net zero by 2070 our sustainability agenda is breathed into life by our strong and well-defined goals and actions. We measure the impact of our business operations through 3 key pillars of Sustainability, namely People, Planet & Profit. Hence, we make continuous efforts to optimize efficiency across the environmental, social, and governance framework. It encourages involvement from all stakeholders & ensures that sustainable framework policies are well communicated, implemented, monitored, and reviewed on regular basis.

Advancing Sustainability Agenda

We were the first power company in India to use 'supercritical' technology to reduce CO2 emissions. Helping India meet its energy needs while minimising the impact on the environment is a crucial challenge.

Focus on Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
Enhanced lifestyle with minimal Eco-disruption
High Performance with sustainable processes & applications


INOXGFL Group is an Indian Conglomerate with a legacy of more than 90 years.