Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to sustainable development goes beyond our operating boundaries, as we continuously aim to add value to our stakeholders by advancing knowledge and improving lives.


We seek internal and external perspectives to identify and help us better understand the risks and opportunities associated with new and emerging issues. The issues identified are evaluated for their relevance to Reliance and their impact on economic, environmental and social aspects. This exercise is performed annually to ensure its relevance to the changing business environment, and the disclosure through reports is aimed at our stakeholders like investors, customers, employees, JV partners, business partners and the community. We have worked with key stakeholders and focused our efforts towards our strategic pillars for sustainable development: energy management, environment, product stewardship, occupational health and safety, and social institution building.

Towards Sustainable Development

From Chairman’s Desk

Responsibility is at the foundation of our guiding principles. We firmly believe that every business and individual holds a particular responsibility towards the society in which we operate, our fellow citizens, and the health and safety of the environment and the planet. Our collective duty is to build a profitable and sustainable business that caters to society holistically. Long-term success is the amalgamation of strong business principles and an agenda to build a better world.

Shri Vivek Jain

Chairman, INOXGFL Group


INOXGFL Group is an Indian Conglomerate with a legacy of more than 90 years.